Will Dawson is an 19 year old uni student currently residing in Brisbane, in sunny QLD, Australia. In a last-ditch attempt to avoid doing study for a final exam, this blog was created. Will is a second year Media and Communication student at QUT, with an interest in the entertainment industries in general (its even his second major). This blog is (a) an outlet for his ramblings that no-one else is likely to listen to, and (b) his way of feeling good about contributing to his chosen field of expertise. But hey, everyone has got to start somewhere, right?

You can check Will out on facebook, or twitter (@willdawson90), or feel free to drop a comment here, there or everywhere…

One Response to “About Face”

  1. Lyndellnm said

    Hi Will,
    Nice blog.
    You’re right, everyone does have to start somewhere, even if it’s with procrastination! (I believe that the art of procrastination is all about procrastinating by doing something that’s at least useful, even if it’s not what you really should be doing at that particular point in time…)
    And, this blog will be useful to you down the track, especially if you do continue to use it for (b).

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