Bloc Party

It all began innocently with a text during my law lecture this afternoon. ‘Bloc party are playing a secret show in the Valley tonight…be there’. And although it wasn’t actually so secret in the end (turns out it was a competition with the Nova radio station, of all things), the gig was incredible. 300 of our (not so) closest friends gathered in the cramped but much-loved Valley Studios to witness another side of Bloc Party seldom heard before. Full review after the jump.

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The Musicadium kids were lucky enough to get an exclusive question and answer session with Graham Ashton this evening. For the non-musically orientated, Ashton is head of Marketing at Dew Process Records, an Aussie independant record label based in Bris, who are responsible for the likes of Powderfinger, The Living End, The Grates, Sarah Blasko, Yves Klein Blue and a whole range more. Impressive, I know. I pretty much want to be him right now.

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Tonight marks the launch of Channel 10’s new stripped 7pm show, imaginatively titled ‘The 7pm Project’. It’s being hailed (well, at least by Channel 10’s marketing department) as a new way of looking at news. And it’s got me thinking. Is Gen Y in need of a show like this? Are we so removed from ‘normal’ news, that we can only consume it in tight, comical bite-sized pieces?

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OK 3 readers, listen up. I’m not going to make a point of advertising things on this blog, but this is an exception. Musicadium have another of their awesome showcases coming up, this time at Brisbane’s newest live venue, the X&Y Bar. And best of all, it’s free! So for those of you who didn’t get Splendour tickets (myself included), this is an excellent alternative to get your live music fix. On the night will be 3 of Brisbane’s most exciting up-and-coming artists, The City Shake Up, Skara Brae and Sarah Haigh. Afterwards punters will be treated to DJ sets from DJ Jane Doe (a Musicadium intern herself) and the Smokestack Orchestra. It starts at 7pm. Be there!

For the past month or so I’ve been interning with Musicadium, a digital distribution company based in the Valley. They were kind enough to feature me as a guest writer on their blog, so naturally I thanked them by writing a post about why music piracy can be a good thing. Oops. But, contrary to my expectations they liked it, and it’s now gone live. Head on over to for the read, or check out a full copy after the jump.

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Hottest 100 Wrap-Up

July 13, 2009

The winning song.

Well, the countdown is over.  With our next-door neighbours moving in, we serenaded their arrival in the only possible way; lots of good food, alcohol and very, very loud music. And to everyone’s utter surprise (not), Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana pipped everyone at the post, and took out the number 1 spot. But what of the other 99? Was the countdown rubbish? Biased? An accurate depiction of musical tastes over the past century? Twitter, the Triple J site and numerous other social networks have been amass with comments about the once-a-decade event. Here’s my thoughts. Read the rest of this entry »